Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We Have Updates!!!

We received updated photos and videos of the twins yesterday.  The girls and I were so excited to view them.  I immediately forwarded them to Bruce as well as to our International Adoption Doctor.  The kids have definitely changed in two years!  No surprise there.  Their faces are more full.  They both look more like a little boy and little girl as opposed to preschoolers.  Kind of sad to know we missed out on so much with them.   They look like happy kids.  The little boy definitely appears to love to talk!  The little girl seemed a bit more camera shy, but was buzzing around and appeared to be having fun.  They are absolutely adorable.  We are waiting on the updated medical reports to be translated  We should have them by the end of the week.  What a great day it was to be able to see our kids! 

I have still not received my FBI clearance letter.  This is making me somewhat anxious because our home study is completed and in the review stage.  We need the clearance letter to move forward as soon as the home study is finalized.  I am praying this finger print set back does not delay our progress.  I really want my babies home as soon as possible!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Delay in Updated Referral Information

Our agency's contact in Bulgaria keeps rescheduling their visit to the twins orphanage.  Our referral information is two years old.  We asked for updated information at least two months ago.  The agency in Bulgaria scheduled a visit for the 3rd week in April.  Then it was rescheduled to the 1st week of June.  Now, I just received a message that the visit has been rescheduled to June 27th.  Apparently the summer season is already beginning over there, so staff is limited.  On a positive note, we completed our 2nd of 3 home study visits last night.  Our agency also requested that we have all of our completed dossier paperwork apostilled this week and forwarded for translation.  I found out that there is an office only 20 minutes away where I can walk in and have the paperwork apostilled immediately.  This is much better that mailing back and forth.  That alone will save us about 2 weeks time.  Still no word from the FBI on my prints.  I keep hoping to find my clearance letter in the mailbox.  My concern is that they still will not be able to get a sufficient print to run the criminal checks.  I do not want to start from scratch again.  Hopefully, I will not have to!