Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Officially Matched...

Just received a call from our adoption agency - the MOJ in Bulgaria has officially matched us with the twins.  Nobody else can step in and file to adopt them.  Now, we just have to complete our paperwork (education, home study, medicals, etc.) and we will be that much closer to bringing our kids home!  We are hoping to get most everything completed within the next two weeks.  We are still waiting on the FBI for finger print processing, the state of Michigan for criminal clearances, and our social worker has to file the clearance request for the state of Indiana (Bruce lived in Indiana for 3 years while attending law school).  All of our medical check-ups have been scheduled as well as lab tests that are required for the referral package.  These should all be completed by the end of next week.  A lot of paperwork needs to be signed and notarized and then sent to be apostilled in Lansing.  Hopefully all goes well. 

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