Friday, April 1, 2011

Great News - Twins!

Yes, it is true.  We received our referral packet for the two children we hope to adopt - Twins - a boy and girl - they turned 6 years old a few months ago.  We have been praying about these kids for a long time now.  More on how we were led to them in a later post. 

All of their referral information is two years old, so we are hoping to receive some updated information soon.  Our adoption journey is somewhat different than most as we are completing all of the steps at the same time.  We are working on our home study and dossier as well as reviewing the referral information.  This is because the twins are on Bulgaria's waiting child list.   We first saw information on these children in 2009 and we are now in the process of adopting them.  Some of God's plans unfold more slowly than others. 

Now we have to concentrate on paperwork!

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