Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two Very Large Binders

and a third on the way!  Wow - a lot of paperwork.  A lot of online courses (6).  A lot of reading.  All part of the educational requirements to adopt.  I was surprised that I had already read a lot of the recommended and/or required articles and books related to adoption.  This is at least one benefit of spending months and months (if not years) on adoption research! 

First on our never ending to-do list was an hour long review of the dossier requirements with our case manager.  I completed this last night.  Fortunately, only one parent was required for this phone conversation since Bruce had a dinner meeting.  Our next steps are to complete all of the education requirements and to be finger printed.  Our prints have to be sent to the FBI for criminal clearance.  Apparently, this can take up to 14 weeks so our agency wants us to get going on that now.  Hopefully we can get through most of the education requirements this weekend.  It is going to be hard since Bruce is so very busy with tax season. 

I am still working on setting everything up on this blog.  It is quite a time consuming process for the novice!

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  1. Hi Tammy, just read through your blog. Welcome to the crazy journey of adoption. Awesome that you have read a lot of the books and AGCI is a great agency. I see you live in Michigan, so do we. There is actually a group that is meeting this summer in June in Cincinnati of parents and kids who have adopted from Bulgaria or in the process. We hope to attend next year with our little guy. There is quiet a few families in Il, MI, OH. Will keep in touch. By the way FBI prints are only taking about 4 weeks now.