Saturday, March 19, 2011

International Adoption - Dossier

What items are required in a Dossier for International Adoption?  Bruce asked me this question awhile ago while we were discussing adoption.  After some research, I came up with a list of potential items required in a Dossier.  I posted the list below.  Keep in mind that each country requires different items, so these items may or may not be required by the country you are adopting from.  The list applies to both parents adopting.

 1.)  Medical health review your doctor
 2.)  Marriage certificate and Divorce certificate, if applicable
 3.)  Birth certificate
 4.)  Death certificate for a deceased spouse, if applicable
 5.)  Verification of employment
 6.)  Verification of residency (mortgage statement or rental agreement)
 7.)  Financial information such as bank accounts and statements of debt
 8.)  Federal Income tax returns
 9.)  State police background check
10.) Passport verification
11.) Reference letters
12.) Pictures of your house and family
13.) Verification of your adoption agency's license
14.) Power of Attorney to your international adoption agency
15.) Adoption agency application forms
16.) Post adoption placement information and agreements
17.) Certified home study

Most, if not all, of these items have to be certified, notarized and/or apostilled depending on your country.  These are items I found while searching international adoption dossier.  I hope it gives you a good idea of what items may be required.

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